In Japan

by Nutttakorn Kettutat, John F. Kennedy H.S.

I would like to tell you about when I went to Tokyo in Japan before I came to America. I am from Thailand. I lived in Thailand 15 years before I came to America. I came to America to learn English. I have been here three years.

There are three things I can remember about Japan. First, I went to Disneyland in Tokyo. It is very great, I saw a lot of people there. In Disneyland, they have a lot of games and rides. It was fun when I played the games and went on the rides. Before I came back to the hotel, I saw a cartoon show. It was beautiful and funny.

Second, I learned several things in Japan. I learned a little Japanese language. I can say some Japanese words. I learned how to eat Japanese food. Some Japanese foods were difficult to eat because I did not know how to use chop sticks. I learned what Japanese people have to do everyday. Japanese people have to go to work at 6:00 in the morning and then they have to come back home at 5:00 or 6:00 in the evening. They have to say "I am home" before they go to meet their family. When they finish their dinner, they can go outside.

Finally, I noticed differences between Thailand and Japan. First, Japan is beautiful country. Everything looks perfect. Second, my country is a hot country, and there is a lot of smog. When I went back to Thailand, I was thinking, "When can Thailand be like Japan because Japan is a beautiful country?" Sometimes I thought, "I want to live in Japan."

Now, I feel happy when I think of Japan. I love Japan. I want to live in Japan, because I want to learn more of the Japanese language. However, I cannot go now. I have to study in America, and my mom lives here too. But I am happy to have experienced another culture in Japan.

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