Exchanging E-mail between Silver Spring and London

Students in Mr. Bellino's ESOL class at Montgomery Blair and Mr. Thompson's after school computer club at Hampstead School are exchanging e-mail.

From Blair(Blair crest)

Our class is learning the procedure for doing e-mail and we have been getting mail from students in England.

I like doing it because it's always fun for me meeting people, making friends, and knowing about their cultures, religions and personalities. But this isn't the only thing I like about it. I love the technology development, too.

- Aissata Soumah


From Hampstead

(Hampstead graphic)Hampstead school is one of the biggest schools in London. It has a lot of kids in it, about 1,260 children. These children are succeeding and all are getting a good education. However there are some kids that have problem with reading and understanding because English isn't their first language so they go to a place called Bilingual Support and it is basically to help people who are bilingual and we call this bilingual support. You can come and get some help and also meet some new friends and they can communicate with other people in different countries on the Internet, and they can have a penpal on the computer. Teachers in Hampstead treat you so nice and they all want you to get good education. 40% of the children speak another language but most of these speak good English as well. I like Hampstead School.

- Mohammed Osman

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