Students Meet President Clinton and Prime Minister Blair

by Zulma Martinez and Mai Thy Pham

Photo: President Clinton and Prime Minister Blair address students in the gym.

photo Pres. Clinton & P.M.Blair at Blair H.S.)On February 5, 1998 something unusual happened to us. We had the opportunity to meet two of the most important men in the world, President Bill Clinton and Prime Minister Tony Blair.

On that day, before he went to talk to the Blair students in the gym, President Clinton met with some students in a nearby computer lab so that they could send video and messages to students in a school in Bristol, England. We were two of the eight students there.

We were chosen for this honor because we work with computers for Silver International and we are learning how to publish our paper on the Internet.

At 8:00 a.m. the eight students went to the gym to receive instructions from Mr. Hammond, the network administrator, about what to do. Someone from the White House was there who gave us a lot of instructions, too. They told us to act normally and speak clearly.

Then we left the building to allow dogs to check for bombs. Then we went to lunch and to fourth period.

At 1:00 p.m. we returned to the computer room. We saw many people there and we were afraid we could not get in the gym. But someone helped us get in and someone else had to escort us back to the computer room.

Then we waited for the President to come. When he entered the room reporters were taking many flash photos and it was scarey. It was our first time for anything like that.

Then President Clinton shook our hands and said our names very clearly. It happened so fast that we didn't even have a chance to take pictures. It was very exciting. It was an experience that may never happen again.

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