Television Producers Meet with Parents and Students

by Zulma Martinez

Photo: Fernando Moreno, Arturo Salcedo and Eduardo Lopez talk to parents and students

(photo parent meeting)Arturo Salcedo, and Eduardo Lopez, the producers of a Hispanic television program, were the presenters at a recent Hispanic parent and student meeting in Blair. The purpose of the meeting was to help parents get more involved in the education of their children. The meeting was conducted by Fernando Moreno, an ESOL Hispanic counselor.

According to Salcedo, who with Eduardo Lopez produces an educational program called "Linea Directa" on Univision, "The best help that the parents can give is to encourage self-esteem and motivation." Some parents added advice, "Instead of saying to a student. 'You are stupid,' we could tell them to keep going, try your best, you are doing great!"

One thing that Salcedo talked about at the meeting is that it seems that some people are satisfied with lower jobs. "Don't think about being a computer technician. Think that you can be a scientist and work for NASA or be a writer," he told the parents and students.

Eduardo Lopez, who graduated from Blair H.S. in 1974, added that students need help to feed their dreams. "The triumph and success depends a lot on how much involvement the parents have," he said.

One thing that caused impact on the students was that Salcedo said, "The most important thing for the Latino teenagers is not to ever forget their background, where they come from."

Lentz Acosta, a junior, who was present added to this conversation, "Our parents came here looking for a better opportunity for us, so our job is not to defraud them."

Also some ESOL teachers who speak Spanish were present. With their help the parents learned that Blair has an after school homework club where their children can go everyday and during lunch time for extra help.

The parents were enthusiastic and asked how they can cooperate with the teachers to help their children. Mr. Moreno answered that question. He said, "One way is to let students communicate with others about their homework. Maybe they can do it together after school or in a student's house." He added, "It's important that parents communicate with other parents."

As the parents left, some of them said that they would be at the next meeting on March 5. One parent encouraged them all to come and to bring a friend or neighbor.

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