Art, A Popular Subject

by Vatchara Thongkamdee

Even though art is a course everyone has to take, it's a course that most seem to enjoy.

Art is a talent that some people were born with some people weren't born with it. Yet they love and enjoy to learn art. "I think art is both of talent and can be learned, " said Mrs. Snyder, an art teacher at Montgomery Blair High School. "Some people have skill but they need to be taught and bring it out."

There are many kinds of art, such as drawing, painting, ceramics and more. Some people are good in all kinds of art, but others are strong in only one kind. "There are so many people who have a talent in all kinds of art and they enjoy to work in different kinds. They can do a really good job too," added Mrs. Snyder.

Some students take art because the school requires one credit of fine art. But some students take art because they saw some art work in the art show and they want to do it too. Emma Garcia said, "I took art because art is a good way to express myself without using words."

Zulma Martinez, a senior who's not taking art this year said, "I really miss my art class because while we were doing our work we had fun with friends and especially with Ms. Amini. She is my all time favorite art teacher," Zulma said.

There are many kinds of art in different cultures. "When I think of Asian art work, I usually think of water color paintings. In Africa, I usually think of sculpture," said Ms. Amini, another art teacher at Montgomery Blair High School.

People can make money if they have talent in art. "There are a lot of artists who use art in careers, like computer graphics or anything that has to do with design," said Mrs. Matthews who teaches drawing design in Blair High School. "To be a photographer is using art. We can use art to solve visual problems like putting many things together and to make designs."

We wish we had space to show some of the many good art works that students have done so readers can appreciate it and be proud of it. We only have space to show one very good pen and ink drawing of Kim Ngan Nguyen.

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