Advice from a Bad Alcohol Experience: A Loved One Lost

by Emma Garcia

(bottles and glasses)I am writing to readers of Silver International to share my experience with my uncle's alcohol problem. What I am trying to tell people who drink is that alcohol is not only very harmful and can cause death, but it is very painful for the family.

I had an uncle who was very helpful, kind, and friendly with his family and others but now he is dead because of his alcohol problem.

I remember when I was little my parents were separated and my grandmother took us to her house. At that time, when we went to live in my grandmother's house, my uncle Oscar was the man of the house because when he was little my grandfather left them.

My uncle supported his family and also his brother's family for two years because my father didn't support us at all. My uncle worked very hard to support his family and his brother's family too.

My uncle Oscar didn't just support us with food and clothes but also he gave us his love and we loved him very much too. He was not only our uncle but also we felt that he was more like our father because he was there when we needed him. He took my father's place because my father wasn't there when we needed him and my uncle was there for us.

Two years later my uncle Oscar came to the United states and he got married but he never had children except two stepchildren from his wife's first marriage.

After a few years he started drinking only at parties. As time continued he would drink more and more until he couldn't control the drinking problem and he wouldn't even go to work because he was drunk.

After years passed he lost his personality and nobody respected him anymore. The whole family wanted to help him to get rid of alcohol but we couldn't because he wouldn't listen to any of us. The more he drank the sicker he got.

He continued the same until one day he got very sick and his wife and my father took him to the hospital. The doctors said that his lungs were destroyed. The doctor did everything that they could do to save his life. He was alive because he had a lot of machines but without the machines he would be dead.

Four days after the doctors told us that he was not responding to the medicine and that we had to make a decision about it. The decisions were if we wanted him to keep the machines on or to take them off. The family agreed to take the machines off to stop his suffering because he was already dead and there was nothing that the doctors could do. When he died the whole family was very sad and we felt destroyed because of his death because we loved him very much.

We didn't get used to the idea that he was dead. We all know that he is dead but in our hearts he will always be alive because we still love him a lot.

In conclusion what I am trying to tell people who drink alcohol is that no matter what problems you have, drinking alcohol will not help solve them. Take advice from people because maybe they have had a bad experience about alcohol. If you don't care about yourself, please think about the people who love you and how much they will miss you if you are gone.

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