Senior's 97 Advice to Students

Last school year, Mrs. Shilling's students wrote advice for those would continue at school this year. Here is what some of them wrote.

by Tida Sarakul

Graduation PictureI want to write the advice for the students who are still here after I have graduated.

I want to tell you to study hard and you shouldn't bother your teachers or interrupt them. You will not understand about the lesson that the teacher teaches you anymore. You should study when you are in classroom. You should listen to the teacher.

If you are a senior, you should do the right things such as study hard for class and final exams. And do not play in class too much because it might make you not understand and you will be confused about that lesson.

Before you are graduated, you have to think about what is your future. If you think your future is going to a college, I think it will be a good thing for you because no one can be your brain and you cannot use other people's brains. It will be your life if you choose or do the wrong thing.

I would like to tell you something, "If you don't have a good education. You will never find a good job." These sentences are the best that I have and I remember it all the time because I want to have a good job. When my parents are old, I can take care of them because I have the experience from education. I will find the good job, that it has a good salary for employees. You can make your dream come true. If you work or study very hard. I think it is not the dream. It should the real life that you make by yourself and you will be happy if you have that time.

I would like you to think about it again. I think it isn't too late for you to change your way of your life. But it will be late, if you think when you are too old for this. Please think about it.

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