High School Students in Guinea Write about Their Country

Articles on this page are from students in Lycée Woro, a secondary school in Labé, Guinea. Guinea is a country in West Africa where French is the official language.


by Mamadou Saidou Diallo

In the Fouta there are the best tourist areas in Guinea. The tourism is developing, there are two sites in Pita, and in Labe, and the other places are dispersing in the different parts of the region.

The park of Badiar is famous in Guinea, there are many kinds of animals and many people go to visit the waterfall and the landscape. In upper Guinea the vegetation is not dense and many important rivers are there, for example the Kisso, the Niger, the Milo, the Sankareni.

There is a park Haut-Niger, sometimes the weather is hot and we find many rivers for the tourism in the other regions. We have the middle Guinea Kinkon, Kakima, Dima, Bafing, Bakoye. In lower Guinea we have Mano.

In Conakry we find two islands, Kassa and Loos, without forgetting the wonderful site in "Kindia La voile de la Marie" (the Bridal Veil). This is one of the most famous Guinea.

The art is developing in Guinea. It has its music, songs and dances. It is well known for its sculpture. Guinean sculptors are famous for their marks and different kinds of statues.

It is good to do the holidays in Guinea because Guinea is rich in tourist potential and it is important to discover the Guinean life and relating the time in the different zones because the relief, the climate conditions, the vegetation, etc... are super and wonderful.



In my country Guinea, situated in West Africa, the are two important religions because of their many members, but we can find others which are not very important. They are smaller.

The two big religions are Islam religion and Christian religion. I'm going to begin with Mohammed's religion, not because I am a Muslim but only because it is everywhere and we can find it in the north, the middle, even in the south of my country. I can tell you ninety percent of the Guinea population are Muslim. After Islam religion I'm going to talk about Christian religion. This religion can be found particularly in the south (the Forest), also in the north, the capital, and the middle.

After those two big religions, we can see others like paganism and some people who have not religions. It means who don't believe in God. In spite of the diversity of religions, there are good relations between religious people. The example is that it is not unusual to see churches in front of mosques or churches near or behind mosques.

All religious men respect each other. There's not teasing between them. All the people go to the same schools, the same markets, to the same places without any problems. And it's not a surprise to see a Muslim getting married to a man or a woman from another religion. During the ceremonies (bad or good) they all go to those ceremonies and we can't distinguish who is from this or that religion.

In my country, everyone can choose freely his religion without difficulty. The religions are free exercise. I can say loudly that the religions are a good means to unite the people and to solve many social problems.


Work and Jobs

by Alpha Yaya Diallo

In Guinea many people have jobs and work. Other people don't have jobs. Many people fight to have a job. Many people want to have a job and want to work. But, in Guinea there are not many jobs. The industry is not developed. The farming is difficult to practice because the agricultural tools used are not good. Sometimes when we work the yields are worthless.

The trade job are numerous. We have the shoe mender. They make the shoe, bags, belts, and caps. Then we have the blacksmiths and they make the keys, doors, tools, knives, and guns. Then we have the weaver. They make the fabrics. There are a lot such as the dry cleaner, jeweler, sculptor, and postal worker. Other people are the teacher for the school of Koran. Other people are the gardeners and the vendor. There are a lot of jobs but the worst job is to be a thief.



by Alseny Karim Diallo

At the beginning, that means before the independence in Guinea, there was one important party called the PDG-RDA (Democratic Party of Guinea-African Democratic's Gathering) directed by the president Ahmed Sekou Toure. This party took the country to independence in 1958 by the referendum organized by General De Gaulle in Guinea. Most of the people voted "No" to the referendum and Guinea was independent in that year.

There was a dictatorship regime in Guinea at that time. This regime and its president governed the country during 26 years. During those years it disturbed the peace and exploited the people. After the death of the president, Lansana Conte came in power in Guinea in 1984. He was a colonel when he took the power and after, he became a general.

He instituted a liberal regime and called on most of the occidental [western] countries to come to invest in Guinea in several economic domains. Lansana Conte released the trade and it was little by little developing. He started new economic reforms for the nation's recovery in December 1985. In 1990 he began a new political process and in this perspective he and his team organized the referendum for the fundamental law. There were about 98% "Yes" and the people adopted the law.



Photo: Residents of Labe, Guinea wait for a road race from Conakry to Paris

by Boubacar Damoko

Labe, the biggest town in Middle Guinea, is the center of the culture and the sport are the main occupations of the populations, all the kinds of sport are present: football, volleyball, basketball, etc., and all of them are seriously followed all the time by the population.

Everyone like sports in Labe, particularly football which is the king of Labean sports. Every year, for example, in the month of May the organizations of Women's promotion organizes one big round between the girls of the different schools. In 1997 it was the American Peace Corps in collaboration with the Headmasters of the schools.

The basketball is recently the discovery of the Labean. It was, "like they say", the sport of the strong people, but now the young know it and like it. With the authority and the young Labeans willingness, some people predict that in the year 2002, Labe will have a good team of basketball.

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