A Soccer Club Starts at Blair

by Susie Pan

Photo: Mr. Alcoba (far right) and his soccer players

A new club - a soccer club - has started at Montgomery Blair High School. Mr. Alcoba, an instructional assistant in the ESOL department is the sponsor of the new club.

Mr. Alcoba started the club last year, but it was only for the boys. Now he is trying to form a sports activity for the girls too.

Mr. Alcoba started the soccer club to provide a fun after school activity, so kids won't get into trouble. "They will have something safe to do. Being involved in sports has physical and mental rewards," said Alcoba "No one helped me, I just did it because I wanted to do something with these great students of different nationalities."

There are about 22 members of the boy's group and about 12 members of the girl's group.

"I just love it," said a player junior Erick Martinez. "Everything in the club is good and fun. I get close to friends. He [coach Alcoba] is good. He teaches us not only about soccer, also other things, too."

Another player, sophomore Jaime Blanco, is planning to join this club again next year. "We have fun, and learn some skills with a good coach. He [Alcoba] is a really nice person. He tries to make us learn more about soccer. Every time when I go there, I learn more and play better," said Jaime.

"I like soccer. It's a good exercise," said a sophomore player Claudia, a member of the girls group. "It is so cool. I like to have fun with my friends...and Mr. Alcoba is a good coach," said another sophomore player, Sania.

"As a member of the club, I think it's good, because everyone who is interested in soccer could join and it teaches me not only about soccer, also how to cooperate with the others in a game,"said a sophomore player in the club.

There are no special qualifications for a student to join the club. "Everyone is welcome," said Alcoba.

For the boy's team, they practice every Friday, and for the girls', they practice either on Wednesday or Thursday. It depends on when they have time. During practice, Alcoba always teaches the students some skills like how to control the ball, how to kick, positions, and warm up.

"There are some very good players and some that desire to become outstanding so they want to learn more," Alcoba said. "Some boys who played on the club (last year) are playing for the school's soccer team this year. Maybe there will be more next year. I pushed them to play [on the school's soccer team], because I want Blair to have the best soccer team."

The girls that played in the club are good, too. They know the basic rules of playing soccer, but want to learn more. "They want to become better players and they want to compete also," said Alcoba.

"The boys are interested in forming several teams, so they can play in an established league." said Alcoba. "Unfortunately, the costs for league participation are very high."

"With all these students who came from different parts of the world, I would like to build a powerful soccer team in Blair. We have what we need to do it. Let's make it happen," said Alcoba with a lot of confidence.

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