Silver International's Journalism Class

by Elias Leiva

Silver International, now in it's eleventh year, has begun the 1997-98 school year with most of the publishing work done in a journalism class. When it started in 1986, and for all the years after that, ESOL students and others met once a week to work on the newspaper after school.

After the 1996-97 school year, Mr. Bellino, the sponsor of the newspaper, was thinking about not sponsoring the newspaper after having an stressful year dealing with all the work for the paper and the struggles to finish each issue that came out during the school year. "It was taking too much of my time after school," said Mr. Bellino who is the head of the ESOL department and had many meetings to go to.

After giving it a lot of thought Mr. Bellino decided to create a journalism class so that more work could be done during the day. "One of the administrators suggested that I should to start a class," said Mr. Bellino.

But this created another problem. "The biggest problem was getting students to sign up for the new class," said Mr. Bellino. Most of the students that came after school weren't able to take the class because they had to take other classes that they needed. Thanks to some of the ESOL teachers and counselors who encouraged their students to take the new class, enough students signed up.

Mai Thy Pham now in her senior year, is one of the students who is taking the class and also attended the after school meetings. "Now, I think it is going to be better. We are going to have a chance to learn many new things about the newspaper and also have more time to work on it," said Mai Thy.

Laure Zoko is one of the students who helped after school last year and feels that there is a need to have after school sessions. "I am disappointed because now I'm not going to be able to help out or have the chance to write my own stories," said Laure.

Mr. Bellino is planning to have some after school sessions for students to help with the typing. He added, "We are always encouraging students to submit articles to Silver International."

Students can submit articles to the paper through their English teachers.

Copyright 1997, Silver International, Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

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