About Me and My Country, Liberia

I am from Liberia which is a country in West Africa. It is surrounded by Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sierre Leone and the Atlantic Ocean. In my country we have thirteen languages. My family and I can speak only two languages, Loma and Kpelle. We lived in the capital city, Monrovia.
I was two years old when my father died. Four months later my mother came to the U.S.A. My oldest sister took care of me until I was eight years old. In 2000, war was in my country. Bombs were flying, people were running and many were killed. My family and I were in the house for two days. Later we left our house. We walked for two days without eating, but only drinking water on the way.
When we reached Bong County, my mother’s hometown, we lived there for a few years. Then four years later, my uncle took me along with him to the Ivory Coast. There I was in school. I studied French as the major language and it was kind of hard for me. I also had a problem with the teachers and students. After school, several boys were running behind me to beat me every day just because I was a stranger. I left the French school.
Two years later, I went back to my country. I went with my older sister again. She sent me to school. This time, after school, my friends and I went to practice dancing and we went to play soccer. My mother sent money so I could go to my older brother in Ghana. Again there was a war in the north of my country. Roads to Ghana were closed.
I used to go to the church to pray and fast so that God would open my ways for me to see other countries such as England, France and the U.S.A. Once again, my mother sent money for me to go to my older brother in Ghana and I went there. In Ghana, life was hard for us. Some days we slept without eating and showering. When my mother didn’t send money, we didn’t have any food and necessary things for us to use. There, we were in the camp where many Liberians had their own problems because there were good people and bad people also. I used to dance at night, play soccer and do many other things that were good and bad.
My friends and I were usually doing bad things. My brother allowed me to live the way I wanted to. But sometimes I knew that I was doing bad things that affected the society. Also, other people liked to tell me that I shouldn’t follow bad people. One day my mother called and told us that she signed a paper for us to come to the United States of America.
Now, I’m here in the U.S.A. I don’t think I want to go back to my country right now. However maybe after 10 years staying here, I’ll visit my lovely country again.

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