I Miss My Village in Nepal

This is Anjana's house in Nepal. When Anjana's family came to the U.S., they lived in an apartment bulding like this one.


     Have you heard of the country of Nepal? Some people might have heard of Nepal but, most people I’ve met don’t know anything about Nepal. In a short description, Nepal is a small and beautiful country located in the Himalayan region of Asia between China and India.
     My village, Gwaldha, is located in Kathmandu the capital of Nepal. Gwaldha is rich in its own natural beauty. It is surrounded by big high green hills on all sides and behind the hills we can see tall big mountains called the White Mountains. That’s why we call Gwaldha a valley. There are around 80 to 100 houses in Gwaldha. There no apartment or townhouse systems in Nepal. Everybody has their own single house with a little garden in front of their house. People plant flowers and grow vegetables in their gardens.
     My house is situated in such a place where we can view the whole village easily. There is a big green field in front of my house where we can see many people singing, people dancing, children playing, and animals grazing. Below the field there flows a religious river, the Bagmati River, where we can see many different types of boats and rafts. Once you get in a boat you will be able to see many different types of fish and ducks. There is a big forest behind my house, which is known as Hattiban, where there are different kinds of wild animals such as rabbit, deer, bear, tigers, etc. and different types of birds such as peacocks, parrots, owls, and others.
     My favorite time to come out in my terrace garden to view my village is in the morning before the sun rises and in the evening after the sunsets. I used to be lost in the sweet voice of chirping birds and the murmuring of Nepalese songs by local people who live in my village. I love to see the first sunlight striking in the White Mountains and reflecting its light back making the place brighter. I used to find myself in heaven where the environment is full of peace with its own natural beauty.
     Unfortunately I had to leave my birthplace, my village Gwaldha because all of my family members were coming to the United States of America. The reason for us to come to the U.S.A. is for our better education and better future because it is very hard to find jobs in our village. We will not be able to be successful without better education and good jobs. In order to have a better future we must have a better education. That’s why we decided to come to the U.S.A.
     I cried a lot when I left my village because I knew that I would not find such a beautiful place anywhere else in the whole world. When I got here for the first time we were living in a apartment. I felt like I was trapped inside the tall building. I started questioning myself about what happened to all of my freedom that I had in my village Gwaldha?
     I felt strange when I was only able to see many roads full of vehicles. I heard different types of languages and saw different races of people. It took me a long time to adjust with this society, but now I am used to this strange world where I can just hear lots of noise from the vehicles.
     I am telling myself that i will certainly go back to my own village after finishing my education and start living my life again in a peaceful environment with its own natural beauty.

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