Teacher Attitudes Can Affect Students


     Domingo is a new student at Montgomery Blair High School. One day he didn’t do his homework from the night before. He felt afraid because he was new in the United States and didn’t know how his teacher was going to react after he told her the bad news.
     It was already time to collect the homework and the teacher was walking around the room asking for the homework. When she got to where Domingo was sitting, Domingo told her that he didn’t do his work because he worked the night before. He said that he got home really late and did not have time to do his homework. He asked the teacher if he could give her the homework the next class.
     The teacher got really mad and started to yell at him. She started saying a lot of things that made him feel really bad. “I work really hard for all my students and that’s the way you pay me back,” she said.
     This comment made Domingo change his mind about teachers and started acting like he didn’t care. His grades started to drop down from As to Cs.
     Domingo thinks that teachers should really measure the way they talk to students. “I think teachers should take a minute and think the way they are going to express themselves and watch what they say,” he said.
     On the other hand, some students believe that it does not matter what their teachers do. It won’t make them mad because they know that the teachers just want to help them. Omar, a junior at Montgomery Blair, says that it does not matter to him what teachers say or not. “I don’t really care if a teacher yells at me in front of the entire school because I know they are doing it just to help me be a success in life,” Omar said. “I know it makes me mad when they yell at me but it does not hurt me at all. I know that whatever I do in school is going to help me all my life,” he added
Mrs. Wanner, an assistant principal at Blair thinks that teachers and students should not use inappropriate language with each other. “Neither a student nor a teacher should use words that might offend the other person,” she said. But she added that sometimes students are troublemakers and make their teachers mad to a point when the teacher might yell at the student.
     “If a students is making trouble the teacher is supposed to call security,” she said. “Teachers and students should trust each other. Students have to realize that teachers are here because they love teaching. Just as well, teachers need to know that students love learning and that’s why they are here for,” she added.

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