Is It Better to Wear School Uniforms or to Wear School IDs?

Lysa Cabrera doesn't like to wear her school ID.


     Do you like to wear your ID? There are a lot of students who don’t.But maybe they haven’t heard this true story. One day an assistant principal was walking around the school and she found some students who weren’t wearing IDs. When she asked them where their IDs were, the students ran away. She called security to find the boys. After they found the boys, they learned that the boys had come to school to fight some students.
     IDs are an identification that every single student should wear on school property. We have to wear them for school safety. They are really helpful for many things, like identifying students for security.
     But ID’s are not very popular. “I don’t like to wear IDs,” Lysa Cabrera said, “because some people think that it messes up their outfits.”
     Another reason students don’t like them is because they’re expensive. No students are allowed in school without an ID on. If they leave their IDs at home, they have to buy a new one for $5. “I owe $144 for IDs,” said Elvis Aybar, a senior. That will be a problem for him towards his graduation.
     Some people think that wearing ID’s is like wearing a uniform. It is like a school identification and it is helpful to identify what school a student goes to for any situation that could happen. Many students at Blair went to schools and are used to uniforms from their own countries.
     In El Salvador students wear uniforms. “We all have to wear uniforms in order to enter the school, especially in a private school,” a senior from El Salvador said. There are many rules for school uniforms. For example they cannot be too baggy. They can be loose but not too much! You have to wear black shoes and white shirts; your hair has to be short and there are special colors for every different school. The bad thing is that the school does not pay for the uniforms. You have to buy them with your money.
     Many people like IDs better than uniforms. “I prefer to wear IDs more than from uniforms because in my country we used both IDs and uniforms,” Noeliza Jama said. She said it is better to wear something that you can change if you don’t like it than wear something like a uniform that you can’t change whenever you want.
     Miss Matthews, the teacher of ESOL 5 students, thinks IDs are better than uniforms. She thinks that the students should have individuality to wear whatever they want. “It is easier to recognize the students when you see them,” she said. She thinks that if they are wearing uniforms, they all look the same, especially from far away.

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