I No Longer Think That Going to College Is Worthless

Drawing by Weiyun Wang


     Have you ever thought that going to college might be a waste of time and money? Do you know people who went to college and are still working in places where they don’t earn much money?
     I know a person who works in the same store where I work. His name is Elvis. He went to college for four years. Before I talked to him, I thought that college was a waste of time because I saw that he went to college and had a low paying job. But after talking to him, I changed my opinion about college.
     Elvis works at a grocery store, but that is not his only job. He also works in another place where he gets his high pay and he uses his communication skills that he learned in college.
     When he was in high school he had a part time job and he had a GPA of B+. He went to Rollins College in Florida. His major was communication.
No one insisted to him to go to college, but it was his own idea that he wanted to go college. “I wanted to get a better education and a high paying job,” Elvis said.
     It was easy for him to get into college because of his good GPA, but he had to work in high school to get his GPA. He also had a part time job in college so he had to make a schedule to manage his time and to get a good grades.
     In college he was on the basketball team and in the student government.
He enjoyed college life because he was able to concentrate on his studies and get good grades. He also liked his college location, as there was a lake in front of the college.
     He had to stay in the campus but he had a lot of fun because he didn’t have his family with him and he had much more freedom than in high school. “I learned a lot about my life, how life is in the campus,” he said. He also learned how to cook. He had to do all his work without having any help. This was how he learned about how life is and that we have to be independent and work on our own.
     “You don’t know in your teenage years what your life would be like having a college degree,” he said. But he added, “If you don’t go to college, you will miss it. It seems to be hard but when you start, but it’s not. “I had fun so you will also have fun. Try your best. You will be successful.” Elvis believes that nothing is impossible, but you have to work for it.
     When he was in college he didn’t know what life would be like after the college graduation. But now he says, “I’m satisfied with my job. I wouldn’t know as much as I know now [without college].”
     After Elvis finished his college, he started working at a store as a temporary job. Soon he found a job related to what his major in college, but he continued working at the store. He thinks that’s how he will have more experience and more money as well.
     Now Elvis is a supervisor at a communications company. He is a boss of other employees. He gives them direction and is a respected person. This makes him so proud that he is a boss and all his employees respect him.
This made me think that if I go to college and have a complete education others will respect me and I would have more knowledge. Before I thought that college was worthless. But after talking to Elvis, I don’t think that at all.

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