College Is Hard Work, But Dreams Are Achievable

Junior Destine, a formor Silver International staff member, tells current staff members about his college experiences.

     Junior Destine graduated from Blair three years ago and is now a junior at Columbia Union College. Junior recently talked with the Silver International staff about his college experiences.
     Everyone says they want to go to college but there are so many things that become a problem when graduating from high school and getting into college, too. But some people fight with the problems and get into the career they want and achieve the goal they want to reach.
     Junior Destine is one of those who didn’t let things get in his way. He was an ESOL student when he graduated from high school. He graduated from Blair in 2001. He always wanted to go to college and study pre-med and that’s what happened right after he graduated. He went to Columbia Union College. He was always interested in biology so he decided to study biology in college, so he could become a physician’s assistant.
     Junior’s first biology class in college was hard. At first there were 40 people in the biology class. During the first week 30 students dropped out. That really frightened him. “It was very scary, a very scary class,” he said.
Later, three more dropped out and Junior was one of 7 people left in the class. But he did not stop working. “I had to keep up and that was very hard,” he added. In the end he said, “I got a C and I think three or four got Bs and a few got As.” But this class was important to him, because it told him that he could be successful when so many others were not.
     For Junior, college is very different from high school because in high school he could get help from the teachers and also his friends. But in college the teachers don’t have enough time. So you’re the one who is responsible for your study and also the grades that you earn in college. “It takes me three hours to figure out something, but I’ll make sure I figure that out,” he said. “I won’t leave it until I get it. To go to college you have to be very disciplined.”
     Paying for college is the next step. Junior has to work on campus and also he has to look for scholarships and grants that are available that will help for college. And in order to get the grants and scholarships you have to have good grades and also some other academic activities can help.
There are lots of people who are getting benefits from the sports scholarships in college. Junior is one of those people. He plays soccer and has a scholarship to help pay for college.
     There are more things in college to pay besides the tuition fees. There are living costs, too. Some students chose to work and pay for the tuition and the living cost. People who work and go to college sometime have to be part time students in order to work and also give the time for studying. Working too much can effect your studies.
     Junior’s message is that while college might be hard, it is not impossible. “Your dreams are achievable,” he said. “You can achieve as long as you keep working hard all the time.”

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