Opinions Can Change After Coming to the U.S.

     Today many people of the world have all other kinds of ideas and thoughts about the U.S. In today’s world this country stands as a great power, not only because of its army, but because of its economy and also politics.
A teenager boy of age 16 had some kinds of similar ideas and thoughts about the U.S before he actually came to this country. He was very excited because he thought that he was in his dreamland. His name is Raj Verma.
     On October 12, 2001 when Raj actually came to the U.S, he was full of excitement to be in this country because he knew that he was in the land where he wanted to be very eagerly. But his excitement did not last for a long time because little by little he was coming to know that this country was not what he had thought before he came.
     He struggled a lot with the behavior of the people. For example, one day as he was sitting on the playground during his lunch time, a group of boys whom he did not know came over. They said to him, “Are you dumb or are you stupid, man? Why don’t you play the game?”
     After hearing those words from them he was pretty shocked. How can someone talk like that to someone they don’t even know. So when he actually went to school it was a very hard time for him to make friends because he found a very different character or attitude in everyone.
     For a few months he suffered and kind of regretted a lot for leaving his country India for the U.S. He was homesick. “In India I was a kind of free with everyone because I knew the behavior and living styles and I never felt so lonely and depressed,” he said.
     But as the days went by, he started to feel comfortable in the place and with the people because he started to know people personally by talking with them and spending some time with them. He also started traveling in the metro buses, through which he learned that liked the place too.
     Today he is a radiologist, but he wants to share some advice about his beliefs he had a before he actually came here. “Do not take anything for granted because it can be different from what you think,” he said.

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