Egypt Is a Modern Country

This is a photo of the shopping district in downtown Cairo at night.

     We often think that there are many old things in Egypt like the pyramids, Sphinx, temples and museums. All of this is true but there are modern things in Egypt too. We can’t write about all the modern projects in Egypt in this little article. It will take books, not one or two but many books. But here are a few of the more important modern things in Egypt.
If you go to Egypt you will see many different things like the new buildings and modern transportation systems. And you will see the people who have open minds about their country and the world and they have modern ideas.
     One new building you can see is the Cairo Tower. It’s one of the new buildings in the capital of Egypt and it’s 170 meters high.
     Also you can see the high dam in Aswan, Egypt. The Egyptians built it in 1971 and it protects Egypt from many dangerous problems like flooding and drought. It also helps Egypt in many good projects like producing electricity and it helps the Egyptians in agriculture because the farmers can keep the water in the fields for a longer time not one time a year like it was before the Aswan Dam.
     The Aswan dam helps the Egyptians to plant an important crop. This crop is Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is the best cotton in the entire world. The dam helps them also to grow rice because the rice needs more water. So, the dam is a very important project.
     In Egypt you can see the library of Alexandria. It’s a very big library. It contains more than 400,000 books and 200,000 stories, all of them in different subjects and in different fields. And it has many modern things like the computers that help the people to do research and other modern things.
Transportation in Egypt is modern, too, and the people like it because it’s cheap and fast at the same time. It’s also very modern because it has an underground metro and it’s the best transportation in Egypt. Egypt also has modern cars, trains, planes, ships and buses.
     Many people in America think that the transportation in Egypt is camels, horses and donkeys. But these animals are in the countryside and in the desert only not in the cities. There are some people in cities who also have camels but not for transportation. They have them beside the pyramids only because the tourists love to ride the camels and the horses.
     Do you know that Egypt is a Moslem country? But there are many Christians in Egypt and they live together with Moslems like friends and brothers. Ayah is a junior at Hammond High School in Columbia. Maryland. She said, “In Egypt I have friends, most of them are Christian, and my best friends are Christian and Moslems. For me there is no difference between the Moslem friends and Christian.”
     “The Moslems do not dislike the other religions like some people think,” Sara said. In the schools most of the classes are Moslems and Christians together. But there is one class with only Moslems and in another class only Christians because it’s a religion class. But the students get together again and study with each other for other subjects.
     On the soccer team or other teams you can see that the teams consist of Moslems and Christians, not Moslems only even though Egypt is Moslem country. Kariem who is Moslem was on a swimming team. He got second place in a championship meet. He said he was successful “with the help my God first, and the Christian coach second.”
     People from Egypt hope that people in the U.S. do not think that Egypt is an old country with old ideas.

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